The Ways of the Cross
The Stations of the Cross is a series of 13 crosses and a tomb portraying events from Jesus praying in the Garden to his entombment. The devotional exercise of visiting and praying in front of each of the 13 stations and meditating stems from the practice of early Christian pilgrims who visited the scenes of the events in Jerusalem and walked the traditional route from the supposed location of Pilate’s house to Calvary. Tradition holds that Mary, the mother of Jesus, set up stone markers at her home outside Jerusalem to prayerfully retrace the steps of her son’s Passion.
The Vista Church Stephen Ministers team decided to construct the thirteen Stations of the Cross at the Labyrinth with memorial donations for a devoted church member, Dr. Bill Pohnert, who sadly passed away in 2022.
The exhibit includes a replica of the tomb Jesus was placed in after His crucifixion. Vista member Ron Olson did most of the ironwork and various Vista committees constructed the crosses while the Landscape Committee prepared the area. Kathleen Greer used her pottery talents to make all the signs inserted into the iron frames from Ron. Special thanks to Dottie McIntyre and Mary Louise Roberson who spearheaded this project.
The entire exhibit is almost finished. It is available for the public to visit.

(Note: the path to the crosses is gravel and a slight decline; not advisable for wheelchairs and walkers at this point in time).

Ways to Give

Station 1 – Jesus Prays Alone

Station 2 – Jesus Is Arrested

Station 3 – Sanhedrin Tries Jesus

Station 4 – Pilate Tries Jesus

Station 5 – Pilate Sentences Jesus

Station 6 – Jesus Wears a Crown

Station 7 – Jesus Carries His Cross

Station 8 – Simon Carries the Cross

Station 9 – Jesus Speaks to the Women

Station 10 – Jesus Is Crucified

Station 11 – Criminals Speak To Jesus

Station 12 – Jesus Speaks to Mary And John

Station 13 – Jesus Dies On The Cross

Station 14 – Jesus Is Laid In The Tomb