“Keep watch over yourselves and all of the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. BE SHEPHERDS of the church of God.” Acts 20:28

Vista Church is reviving “Shepherding” from a few years ago to fill the need for visits to visitors, shut-in members, hospitalized or home bound due to illnesses, and the administration of the Rite of Communion, that has been consecrated by the Pastor, and telephone calls to church family.

As members of Vista church family, we need volunteers ready to consistently serve to meet these needs.

We know there are currently family church members who fulfill some of these needs; however, some church family members are not being adequately served.

We need to remember that our shut-ins have been active Vista members and have contributed greatly in the past for the success of the church. They now need our help to brighten their days and to help them feel that they are still a vital member of our church family.

Our Pastoral staff, Pastor Fred and Pastoral Assistant, Valerie simply do not have enough hours in their days to reach out to everyone. Our church family needs to support them while ministering to those in need.

WILL YOU TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE? Please contact Pastor or Valerie (520) 825-1985 or Karen Rice at (520) 468-2528.