Rev. Deborah Christine
Interim Pastor


Personal Call Statement

I am called by my faith in God to be in service to the church and the world. I desire to be the face of God that is inclusive, welcoming, loving and committed to others.  Being in relationship with God is challenging in our present world. I endeavor to represent that inclusive, graced filled God through preaching, teaching, study, spiritual practices, and social activism.

Personal Life

I am a cradle born Methodist.  Born in 1955 in Greeley CO, my family moved in 1960 to Tempe, AZ so that my father could teach at the Tempe Normal School. Tempe was my home, and my father continued his education and employment at ASU and became a Professor of Elementary Education.  My first college degree was from ASU, a Bachelor of Arts in Education.  I taught Art K-6 for 10 years in the Catalina Foothills School District.   I married and had a set of twins, Matthew and Katherine who were born in 1990. 

In 2002 we purchased a small in town ranch on the far east edge of Tucson and the twins started school in the Tanque Verde School District.  We lived there until 2008 sharing our home with all kinds of animals, horses, dogs, cats, and birds.  It was an amazing place to raise my children and deepen our love of nature and animals , our passion for horses continues today. 

It was in 2008, when both of my children were in college, that I answered my call to ordained ministry and moved to Denver, CO to start a three-year Master of Divinity program.  After graduating I was appointed to Westcliffe, CO to serve a 115-member church; Community UMC.  It was a beautiful place to live and a wonderful community to serve and I spent five years there until I was appointed to Bozeman UMC in MT.  What a change from a small rural church to a large city one.  This appointment was also a two-year Intentional Interim appointment.  I took the training for such a specific ministry and then worked with this church community for two years.

In those two years I became acquainted with our Bishop, Karen Oliveto, and she requested that when I finished at Bozeman I serve as the District Superintendent of Montana East.  I moved to Billings and served 40 churches that covered 400 miles.  

During my time as a District Superintendent, I learned so much about the variety of people and congregations that make up the UMC.  From tiny churches of a handful of people to the largest churches in the state, I realized how important the church is to people and how their relationship with the church is expressed in many ways.

In 2021 when I decide to retire, I knew that I would come home to Tucson. 

I loved retirement!  However, after 15 months I realized that I was missing a deeper connection with the church and when DS Matt Ashely called and asked me about serving at Vista de la Montana, I realized I wasn’t finished being a pastor.  Interim work was my favorite type of pastoral position and so I said yes, and I am so grateful that you affirmed me as your interim pastor. 


Pastor Deb