Adult Christian Ed Classes

Adult Christian Education Classes



Teachers:  Linda and Jim Galka

Time:  10:00 AM Wednesdays in the Elizabeth Room of the Admin/Education Building


Fictional Accounts of people who witnessed incidents in the life of Jesus By Ronn Kerr

First person narratives have a unique power in teaching.  These six fictional stories are grounded in the Gospel teachings of the Bible.  Join them to be introduced to The Wine Merchant, The Potter’s Wife The Zealot,

 The Cloth Maker, The Centurion and The Street Woman.  The preparation for this entertaining and

 insightful class will be all from the Gospels as follows:

Week 1: The Wine Merchant: Matt 3:1-17, Mark 1: 1-11, Luke 3: 1-22, John 1: 15-34

Week 2: The Potter’s Wife:  Matt 13: 54-58, Mark 6: 1-6, Luke 4: 16-30

Week 3: The Zealot:  Matt 26:17—29, Mark 14: 12-26, Luke 22: 7-23, John 13: 1-30

Week 4:  The Cloth Maker:  Matt 21: 1-13, Mark 11: 1-11, 15-19, Luke 19: 29-48, John 2 13-17, 12: 12-19.

Week 5:  The Centurion   Matt 27:11-37, Mark 15: 1-26, Luke 23 1-34, John 18: 28-19:34

Week 6:  The Street Woman:  Matt 27: 38-61, Mark 15: 27-47, Luke 23: 35-56, John 8: 2-11. 19:  25-42.

Each week is taught independently to accommodate those of us who travel more during the summer. 

 Sign up with Donna Boring in person, on email or by phone/text message.



Before Church Sunday School   (on Summer Break – will return in the Fall)

Sunday 8:45 AM—9:45 AM                  Led by Mel McIntyre      St Matthew Room   

The Wired Word will be offered before church Sunday morning.  The Wired Word applies Biblical principles to current events.  Mid-week you will be emailed the lesson including – In the News, Confronting the News With Scripture and Hope with Discussion Questions.  Check out the for more information and a sample lesson. 


After Church Sunday School         

Sundays 11:20 AM—12:45 PM        Led by Dottie Lou Colby      St Matthew Room

This class has been meeting for some 20 yrs.  There have been a variety of teachers. Currently, Linda Whitington is the teacher now for over 8 yrs.  The class has a wonderful opportunity to pray, watch a meaningful video study with discussion following & fellowship.

This ongoing class provides a welcoming atmosphere for everyone and especially enjoys including new members. 

To join, please contact Donna Boring.  For questions, please contact Linda Whittington.


Lectionary Bible Study for Women

Thursdays 10:00 AM               Via ZOOM

This class has been in weekly session for over 2 years.  It uses the Upper Room Lectionary study entitle Disciplines, A Book of Daily Devotions.  The class includes daily Bible and devotional readings which are discussed during the class.

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