Vista Joy of Song Chorus

The Vista Song of Joy Mini-Chorus consists of three groups: the memory impaired, caregivers and support singers. Each group brings not only singing but other skills and virtues as well. The memory impaired have a much needed and rare ability to love that can be described as beautifully and readily available. Their exquisite long term memory, stimulated by music is remarkable. The caregivers’ unconditional love is a constant source of inspiration and serves as a model for the rest of us. The support singers’ commitment to the project is unwavering. They never ” call in sick”, but are always faithful. Underlying all of this is a common belief that God has called us to this project. The result of the gathering of the people of God of similar faith, varied talents and virtues with a common mission, is a Christian community of Joy.
The next meeting of the Song of Joy Chorus is on Friday, Sept. 6 at 10:30 am in the patio room. We would be delighted to welcome the memory impaired and caregivers to join us in our joyful venture! We will continue recruiting for the month of September and then start rehearsals for our Christmas concert.
Jane Stump, Director, The Song of Joy Chorus