90 + Celebration

Vista will celebrate those who are (or will become this year) 90 years old or older!  Join us on September 15 following our worship service to meet these fine ‘youngsters’ and enjoy the festivities.  Following is an article written by one of our members with her insights on being 90 or older.
“Several years ago, I began to dread the future…my own mortality…and the “time I could have left”. Until then, I had mistakenly associated deep yearnings and ambitions with the energy and idealism of youth, certainly not 90 year olds. Last year, as I talked to Vista honorees of the 90th Plus Birthday, I was touched by the fact that we all have joys, hopes, fears and longings that never go away no matter how old we get, and so my attitude on aging began to change….towards a positive level and all things possible.
I’ve learned from them that age is just a state of mind. I assumed the “elderly” eventually lose their vibrancy and thirst for life. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They still laugh like crazy, fall in love like mad and pursue happiness fiercely. Their story is worth being heard.
Please come and join the joyous 90th plus birthday celebration on Sunday, September 15th, immediately after church. “                                 Robin Conner